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Textbook List

Bachelor of Counselling

Semester 2, 2022

Christchurch, Henderson, Manukau

Please Note

Books that are designated under “Required Texts” are books that you will need for your course. “Recommended Texts” will be helpful for your assignment writing and worthwhile texts to add to your library, but won’t be needed for course reading.

Following are websites that you can order your textbooks from. You can order through the Manna Store henderson@manna.co.nz or through Manna Online. If you choose to do this, allow plenty of time for delivery.

Electronic books: Be aware that you can often buy the books cheaper through Amazon as electronic Kindle books. To read these you can down load free software “Kindle for PC” and read them on a laptop or you can buy a Kindle e-Reader or use a tablet (ipad etc). The advantages are price (often about $10) and instant delivery. The possible downside is having to read it on a laptop.

401 Formation

No set text.

901 Foundations of Relational Practice B

Mearns, D. and M. Cooper (2018). Working at relational depth in counselling and psychotherapy (2nd ed.). Sage.
(Recommended text)

Mearns, P. D. (2003). Developing person-centred counselling (2nd ed.). Sage.
(Recommended text)

903 Relational Theories and Practice B

McMenamin, D. (2018). Two islands and a boat: Finding and following a vision. CreateSpace.

Denborough, D. (2014). Retelling the stories of our lives: Everyday narrative therapy to draw inspiration and transform experience. Dulwich Centre Publications.
(Recommended Text)

White, M. (2007). Maps of narrative practice. W.W. Norton Professional Books.
(Recommended Text)

905 Integrated Practice B

McMillan, L., Penwarden, S. & Hunt, S. (Eds.) (2017). Stories of therapy, stories of faith. Wipf & Stock.

907 Bicultural Relationships: Tikanga Kawenata

Orange, C. (2013). The story of a Treaty. Bridget Williams Books. (Recommended text)

Ritchie, J., & Rau, C. (2006). Whakawhanaungatanga: Partnerships in bicultural development in early childhood care and education. Teaching and Learning Research Initiative. (Recommended text)

908 Counselling and Diversity

Pohl, C. (1999). Making room: Recovering hospitality as a Christian tradition. Eerdmans.
(Recommended text)

Sue, D., Sue D., Neville, H., Smith, L. (2019). Counseling the culturally Diverse: Theory and practice. John Wiley & Son.
(Recommended text)

Volf, M. (2019). Exclusion and Embrace. Abingdon.
(Recommended text)

910 Relational Psychology A

No set text.

914 Relational Psychology B

American Psychiatric Association. (2013). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (5th ed.). Author.
(Recommended text)

Neimeyer, R. A., & Raskin, J. D. (Eds.). (2000). Constructions of disorder: Meaning-making frameworks for psychotherapy (1st ed.). American Psychological Association.
(Recommended text)

921 Theology of Suffering & Hope

Swinton, J. (2007). Raging with Compassion: Pastoral responses to the problem of evil. Eerdmans.

Wright, N. T. (2008). Surprised by hope: Rethinking heaven, the resurrection, and the mission of the church. HarperOne.
(NB: any printing of this book e.g. 2011, 2018 is fine.)

931 Professional Practice B

Crocket, K., Agee, M., & Cornforth, S. (Eds.). (2011). Ethics in practice: A guide for counsellors. Dunmore Publishing.

933 Practicum B

Crocket, K., Agee, M., & Cornforth, S. (Eds.). (2011). Ethics in practice: A guide for counsellors. Dunmore Publishing.