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Textbook List

DipCEd, BEd, GradDipEd

Semester 2, 2023

Christchurch, Henderson, Manukau

Please Note

Books that are designated under “Required Texts” are books that you will need for your course. “Recommended Texts” will be helpful for your assignment writing and worthwhile texts to add to your library, but won’t be needed for course reading.

Following are websites that you can order your textbooks from. You can order through the Manna Store henderson@manna.co.nz or through Manna Online. If you choose to do this, allow plenty of time for delivery.

Electronic books: Be aware that you can often buy the books cheaper through Amazon as electronic Kindle books. To read these you can down load free software “Kindle for PC” and read them on a laptop or you can buy a Kindle e-Reader or use a tablet (ipad etc). The advantages are price (often about $10) and instant delivery. The possible downside is having to read it on a laptop.

850 Reflective Practices

McGregor, D., and Cartwright, L. (2011). Developing reflective practice: a guide for beginning teachers. Open University Press.
(Recommended reading)

The Education Council of Aotearoa New Zealand. (2017). Our code our standards. https://educationcouncil.org.nz/content/our-code-our-standards
(Available online)

852 Developing Numeracy

Jorgensen, R. & Dole, S. (2011). Teaching mathematics in primary school. Allen & Unwin.
(Recommended reading)

Ministry of Education Professional Development Numeracy booklets.
(Supplied in class)

853 Developing Literacy

Eggleton, J. (2010). Lighting the literacy fire: Practical ideas for the organisation and implementation of comprehensive literacy teaching. Scholastic Australia.
(Recommended reading)

Clay, M. M. (2014). By different paths to common outcomes: Literacy learning and teaching(Revised edition 2014). Global Educations Systems (GES) Ltd.
(Recommended reading)

Kuby, C. R. (2013). Critical literacy in the early childhood classroom: Unpacking histories, unlearning privilege. Teachers College Press.
(Recommended reading)

857 Human Development

Drewery, W., & Claiborne, L. (2014). Human development: Family, place, culture (2nd ed.). McGraw Hill.

Balswick, J. O., King, P. E., & Reimer, K. S. (2016). The reciprocating self: Human development in theological perspective(2nd ed). InterVarsity Press.
(Recommended reading)

863 Arts Education

Ukelele (all students)

A3 sketchbook (Christchurch students only)

Sinclair, C., et al. (Eds). Education in The Arts (3rd ed). Oxford
(Recommended reading)

Te Whāriki Online https://tewhariki.tki.org.nz/
(Available online)

866 Curriculum and Community Practices

Hill, M. & Thrupp M. (2019). The Professional Practice of Teaching in New Zealand (6th ed.). Cengage.

867 Learning about Science and Technology

Skamp, K., & Preston, C. (2018). Teaching primary science constructively (6th ed). Melbourne, Australia: Cengage.
(Recommended reading)

873 Learning about People and Place

Aitken, G., & Sinnema, C. (2008). Effective pedagogy in social sciences. Ministry of Education.
(Recommended reading)

Harcourt, M., Wood, B., & Milligan, A. (Eds.). (2016). Teaching social studies for critical, active citizenship in Aotearoa New Zealand. NZCER.
(Recommended reading)

Ministry of Education. (2008). Building conceptual understandings in the social sciences: Approaches to social inquiry. Learning Media.
(Recommended reading)

Reynolds, R. (2014). Teaching the humanities and the social sciences in the primary school (3rd ed.). Oxford University Press.
(Recommended reading)

877 Inquiring Teacher Practices

Hill, M. & Thrupp M. (2019). The Professional Practice of Teaching in New Zealand (6th ed.). Cengage.

878 Mātauranga Māori

Hemara, W. (2011). Māori pedagogies: A view from the literature. Wellington: New Zealand Council for Educational Research.
(Recommended reading)

The Raupo Dictionary of Modern Māori (Revised Edition), P.M. Ryan.
(Recommended text)

883 Ethics and Education

Freire, P., Clarke, P., Macedo, D. P., & Aronowitz, S. (2001).Pedagogy of freedom: Ethics, democracy and civic courage. Rowman & Littlefield.
(Recommended reading)