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School of Theology

Provisional Course Offerings – 2021

S1 S2 S1 S2 S1 S2 S1 S2
106.515 Biblical Hebrew: Introduction 1
107.515 Biblical Hebrew: Introduction 2
108.515 Biblical Greek: Introduction 1
109.515 Biblical Greek: Introduction 2
115.515 Biblical Theology
120.515 Old Testament: Introduction
140.515 New Testament: Introduction
201.515 Introduction to Systematic Theology
5 215.515 Beginning Theology
308.515 The Story of Christianity
401.515 Formation
474.530 Leadership Internship I
475.530 Leadership Internship II
500.515 Youth Ministry: Introduction
505.515 Mission, Church and Community
611.515 Intercultural Studies: Introduction
857.515 Human Development
907.515 Bicultural Relationships
111.615 Biblical Interpretation
463.615 Ministry in Context
6 464.615 Leadership Dynamics
540.615 Youth Ministry: Discipleship
561.615 Introduction to Preaching
122.6/715 Old Testament: Pentateuch
123.6/715 Old Testament: Eighth Century Prophets
142.6/715 New Testament: Luke
148.6/715 New Testament: 1 Corinthians
149.6/715 New Testament: Epistles
202.6/715 Theology: Christ and Revelation
203.6/715 Theology: God and Creation
205.6/715 Theology: Church and the Mission of God
210.6/715 Faith Has Its Reasons: Christian Apologetics Today
211.6/715 Theology: Ethics
6/7 271.6/715 Gospel and Culture
307.6/715 History of New Zealand Christianity
403.6/715 Spirituality for Ministry
406.6/715 Historical and Contemporary Models of Spirituality
511.6/715 Pastoral Care in Community
568.6/715 Theology as Worship
612.6/715 Majority World Theology
617.6/715 Mercy, Justice and Social Transformation
650.6/715 Māori Church/Community Leadership
652.6/715 Tikanga-a-Tangata
921.6/715 Theology of Suffering and Hope
7 466.715 Philosophy of Ministry
585.715 Research Topic
R115.830 As We Forgive Others: Interpersonal Forgiveness in the Scripture
R154.830 Romans and the Mission of God
R215.830 Theologian in Context: John Milbank
8 R216.830 Third Article Theology
R351.830 Postgraduate Research and Writing
R361.830 Research Paper
R404.830 Narrative Approaches to Spiritual Care
R540.830 Foundations in Vocational Theology

These course offerings are correct at the time of publication; however the College reserves the right to cancel courses should circumstances arise. Up to date information is available at any time by contacting the College.