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School of Theology

Provisional Course Offerings – 2020

S1 S2 S1 S2 S1 S2 S1 S2
116.415 Encountering the Bible
4 491.415 Literacy and Communications Skills
492.415 Managing Your Learning
506.415 Faith in Action
106.515 Biblical Hebrew: Introduction 1
107.515 Biblical Hebrew: Introduction 2
108.515 Biblical Greek: Introduction 1
109.515 Biblical Greek: Introduction 2
115.515 Biblical Theology
120.515 Old Testament: Introduction
140.515 New Testament: Introduction
201.515 Introduction to Systematic Theology
215.515 Beginning Theology
5 308.515 The Story of Christianity
401.515 Formation
460.515 Journeying into Ministry
474.530 Leadership Internship I
475.530 Leadership Internship II
500.515 Youth Ministry: Introduction
505.515 Mission, Church and Community
611.515 Intercultural Studies: Introduction
649.515 Whakapapa: Introduction
857.515 Human Development
907.515 Bicultural Relationships
111.615 Biblical Interpretation
6 463.615 Ministry in Context
464.615 Leadership Dynamics
561.615 Introduction to Preaching
122.6/715 Old Testament: Pentateuch
123.6/715 Old Testament: Eighth Century Prophets
126.6/715 Old Testament: Wisdom Literature
143.6/715 New Testament: John
148.6/715 New Testament: 1 Corinthians
149.6/715 New Testament: Epistles
202.6/715 Theology: Christ and Revelation
203.6/715 Theology: God and Creation
204.6/715 Theology: Salvation in History and Beyond
205.6/715 Theology: Church and the Mission of God
211.6/715 Theology: Ethics
6/7 271.6/715 Gospel and Culture
307.6/715 History of New Zealand Christianity
403.6/715 Spirituality for Ministry
406.6/715 Historical and Contemporary Models of Spirituality
513.6/715 Pastoral Care in Life’s Crises
550.6/715 Theology & Experience of Disability
575.6/715 Pastoral Leadership and Management
608.6/715 Survey of Islam
612.6/715 Majority World Theology
617.6/715 Mercy, Justice and Social Transformation
650.6/715 Māori Church/Community Leadership
921.6/715 Theology of Suffering and Hope
466.715 Philosophy of Ministry
7 542.715 Youth Ministry: Leadership
585.715 Research Topic
653.715 Tikanga Rangahau
R124.830 Isaiah, Preaching in the Shadow of Empire
R147.830 The Theology of Luke Acts
R215.830 Theologian in Context
8 R351.830 Postgraduate Research and Writing
R361.830 Research Paper
R504.830 Living out the Call: rising to the challenge of being a vocational leader in God's church today
R505.830 Studies in Public and Contextual Theology
R608.830 Engaging Islam

These course offerings are correct at the time of publication; however the College reserves the right to cancel courses should circumstances arise. Up to date information is available at any time by contacting the College.