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Course Details for Post-Graduate Diploma in Theology

Henderson campus

Summer 2020/2021

R215.830 Theologian in Context

Myk Habets | 7-11 Dec 2020, 9 am - 5 pm (LR1b)

This course is a close study of one major theologian (or a group of closely related theologians), past or present, in the intellectual context of their day. Through the study of selected writings of the theologian and secondary sources, their theological method and commitments will be analysed and their contribution to theology, faith and life. In 2018, the focus of the course is Scottish theologian, T.F. Torrance.

This timetable is correct at the time of publication; however the College reserves the right to cancel courses, or alter lecture times should circumstances arise. Up to date information is available at any time by contacting the College.