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Course Details for Diploma in Christian Education

Distance Learning campus

Semester 1, 2019

851.515 Innovative Teaching

This course introduces the student to the foundational concepts of teaching competencies and understanding the learner. It introduces the beginning skills of teaching craft including planning and classroom management. Exploring the role of assessment of learners' achievement and evaluation of effective teaching and learning will heighten awareness of factors that influence teacher professionalism, learning and behavior in a classroom. Reflections and evaluation are critical issus for living a responsible life in accordance with God's Word.

855.515 Inclusive Education

This foundational course explores primary education as ako—the flow of teaching and learning, taha wairua—the nurturing of the whole child and whaiwāhitanga—inclusion of all learners. On this platform, a broad understanding of effective and relational pedagogies is developed and connected to inclusive practices, inclusive environments, and inclusive management strategies. A personal philosophy of inclusive teaching in the context of bicultural character of New Zealand/Aotearoa education is initiated.

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