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Timetable for Graduate Diploma of Theology

Christchurch campus

Semester 1, 2022

Orientation: 21 - 25 February

Semester begins: 21 February

Intensives week: 21 - 25 March

Mid term break: 15 - 30 April

Queen's Birthday: 6 June

Semester ends: 23 June

(9:30 am - 12:30 pm)
308.515 Christian History: Our Story Stuart Lange LR1
480.615/715 Faithful Living: Intro to Reflective Practice Graeme Flett, Maja Whitaker SMR
513.615/715 Pastoral Care in Life’s Crises Amy Page-Whiting, Maja Whitaker LR1
857.515 Human Development Vida Schurr LR2
115.515 Reading the Bible Mark Keown, Richard Neville LR1
505.515 Christian Leadership & Mission Maja Whitaker, Reuben Munn LR2
(1:30 pm - 4:30 pm)
605.615/715 Biblical and Contemporary Theology of Mission Rebecca de Jong LR1
125.615/715 Psalms Richard Neville LR1
111.615/715 Interpreting the Bible Chris Northcott LR3
150.615/715 Gospels 1 (Synoptics) Mark Keown LR2
202.615/715 Christology Greg Liston, Myk Habets LR1
403.615/715 Spirituality for Ministry Ryan Lang LR1
500.515 Connecting with Youth & Young Adults LR2
(6:30 - 9:30 pm)
140.515 Reading the New Testament Mark Keown LR1

This timetable is correct at the time of publication; however the College reserves the right to cancel courses, or alter lecture times should circumstances arise. Up to date information is available at any time by contacting the College.